Case Study: Afro American Newspapers

The Afro American Newspapers, founded in 1892, is the oldest African American Newspaper in the country. Since 2010, Project Gado has worked with the Afro American Newspapers to digitize, distribute and monetize their historical photo archives, which include 1.5 million photographs dating back to 1892. Using our Gado 2 scanning robot and other technologies, we have digitized 120,000+ images from the collections, and processed 10,000+ images for online publication.

Through our partnership with Getty Images, the Afro’s photos have appeared in media ranging from Scholastic textbooks to CNN. The Afro is now earning monthly revenue from their digital collections, which supports their editorial mission and continued digitization and preservation of their remarkable collections.

Getty Images was seeking additional social and documentary coverage of Black history and culture that would include “ordinary people doing ordinary things, as well as extraordinary people doing extraordinary things,” and the Gado-scanned images fit this very important niche.

Matthew ButsonVice President of the Hulton Archive Matthew ButsonInFocus by Getty Images

…it is the less expected images that really make this collection distinctive.  These are photos of everyday Black life in 20th century Baltimore.  Images of brides, parties, paperboys, and streetscapes are unlike any representation of African American life you are likely to see on the news or in a television show like The Wire.

Dr. Moira HindererVisiting scholar at the Center for Africana Studies at Johns Hopkins UniversityInFocus by Getty Images

Photo by Baltimore City Paper

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