Project Gado is digitizing and sharing the world’s visual history


We work with archives to digitize their collections at little to no upfront cost. We then partner with Getty Images to help organizations create a sustainable revenue stream from their historical photos and share them through media including CNN and Scholastic.


We also work with individuals to scan personal photo collections including prints, slides, and negatives. We then provide a password protected image gallery that individuals can share with their family and friends.

Forbes Magazine

“New startups don’t necessarily have to tackle pressing issues like biotech or next-gen manufacturing if they want to avoid McStartup status.  Entrepreneurs need only to learn from Project Gado and similar social enterprises by putting problem solving just a little bit ahead of market demands.”

The Wall Street Journal

“A Robot [Which] Rescues Black History”

The Wall Street JournalRobot Rescues Black History
Baltimore Sun

“A revolutionary step toward lowering the cost of digitizing large printed photo archives…”

Dan Rodricks

“I am amazed by this…”

Start preserving your archives or family photos today: